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Introducing the best option for snacks, beverages, fresh and frozen food.
It’s like having a store right in your office, in the same space your current vending machines use.  

Replace your vending machines with a Micro Market

100% Free

Our service is 100% free, no cost to your office.  No commitment. No contracts.  Employees only pay for the food they take.  Just like they would in a grocery store.

The widest variety of fresh healthy food choices at your office.

Super reliable. No moving parts means nothing gets stuck.

Remote Monitoring so we always know when to service and repair.

Type your requests and feedback right on the kiosk screen.

Our Micro Markets accept credit, debit and loyalty cards.

Safe and secure payment. We never store your information.

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Smart Food

Our Micro Market lets you read labels, and nutritional information before you purchase. Know what you are getting before you buy. 

Healthy Snacks

A bottle of milk and some granola make a snack that won’t leave you feeling bad the rest of the day.

More Choices

From the largest bottle of tea to the smallest energy drink we have you covered.

Real Food

Salads, soups and sandwiches are favorite items for lunch and we provide them all.

More Variety

Hard boiled eggs, cheese, hummus, ice cream and guacamole are just some of our customer’s favorite items.

Old Favorites

No need to give up any of the snacks you currently enjoy.  We carry those also.

Let’s schedule a Micro Market for your office today!

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